Help & Hints

First Rule of woodturning:-  Always do things safely.

Second Rule:- HAVE FUN do not take yourself or your work too seriously.

Make sure your tools are always SHARP, as blunt tools make work much harder and dangerous. If you THINK your tool needs sharpening then it almost certainly does.

Always make sure the tool rest, and any other item, is not in the way of the wood on the lathe, do this by turning the material slowly by hand before switching the machine on.  Also, make sure the material is held securely in your chuck or any other method you prefer to use.

The internet is a good source for ideas, also magazines and books.  Talk to other turners, and people who work in the various shops that supply turners.

Do not be afraid to try something new, as that is one of the best ways to improve your abilities.  Repetition is without doubt the best way to get better, so do many many of the same item, I did several hundred spurtles, which did become boring, but improved my turning abilities.

A word of warning, regarding wood and allergies, you should be using some form of dust control ie extractors, masks even open doors and windows, anything to reduce the dangers from inhaling wood dust.  However, sometimes we still get a reaction to some timbers  (sometimes it is like hay fever), if you find that one or more timbers have this affect on you then the simple answer is stop using that particular timber. Personally I find modern mahogany and padauk give me hay fever like symptoms, so I use them as little as possible. Some people react to yew. Be aware that this can be a problem, but do try other timbers before giving up turning all together although in some cases that may be the only answer.

Will add more at a later date!!